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Disco Biscuits Live at The Electric Factory on 2007-05-27


The Disco Biscuits
May, 27, 2007
The Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

Taped By: George Ewing

Tracked and Mastered By: Rich Steele

Source: AT4040 + AT37 (four channel) > R-4

Set I (Disc 1) *

01. Crowd and Banter
02. Munchkin Invasion -> (1)
03. Cyclone ->
04. Mindless Dribble ->
05. Confrontation > (2)

Set II (Disc 2)

01. Banter
02. Confrontation -> (2)
03. Hot Air Balloon ->
04. Let It Be Jam ->
05. November Rain (3)
06. And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night ->
07. O Fortuna ->
08. Spacebirdmatingcall -> (4)
09. And The Ladies Were The Rest Of The Night

Set II cont'd (Disc 3)

01. Pygmy Twylyte ->
02. Hot Air Balloon


03. Banter
04. Reactor ->
05. Pilin' It High -> (5)
06. Reactor

* finishes 05/26/07 JOTR show

(1) unfinished
(2) dyslexic
(3) ending only
(4) inverted
(5) with Svenghali tease

Collection DiscoBiscuits
Band/Artist Disco Biscuits
Venue The Electric Factory
Location Philadelphia, PA

Source AT4040 + AT37 > R-4
Taped by George Ewing
Transferred by George Ewing


Reviewer: Grice21 - - December 28, 2010
Subject: this was fun
Reviewer: chrisinstantly - - August 10, 2007
Subject: first set
get the munchkin > cyclone > dribble > confrontation. it's a necessary act!
Reviewer: I_heart_ROB_Derhak - - August 10, 2007
Subject: tasty biscuits
the bisco switch at snoe.down a few months before this show was what got me thinkin i had to check these guys out for real...this was the 1st biscuits show i've ever seen and it was nastyyyy!! so much energy, the band was ridiculous...the whole night was a highlight for me and the crowd was a good time too by the way. i've seen these guys a couple more times since this show and they've got me thinkin i better make my way out to camp bisco...simply amazing.
Reviewer: Makisupa McGee - - June 14, 2007
Subject: SET II
That whole set 2 was sweet heady biscosity

the bisco discuits are loving life in every way shape and form right now and you can hear it
Reviewer: Leora Insane - - June 13, 2007
Hell yeah!! tDB '07 in full effect! They have their good times and they're bad times, but this time was an amazing time. This show was a musical rollercoster and that's what I think they fans have been waiting for. This show reminds me of why I love this band so much.

Reactor>Pillin' It High(er) with Svenghali teases>Reactor was intense, dirty and my definition of tDB! HOT WHAT?!

Thanks Gedit for the recording and Rich Steele, you are the man when it comes to being....the master. ;)
Reviewer: Kaiser Soze - - June 7, 2007
Subject: Good Stuff
Good in your face 07 Bisco! If you haven't heard this yet I would recommend you listen to it right now! I can assure you that you won't be sorry.
Reviewer: Keepin The Tribe Alive - - June 4, 2007
Subject: Grimace?
did anyone see grimace federation? i sure didnt an was mad. wats wit a ticket saying 11pm show an grimace playin b4 that. on a lighter note badass show, some deep jams. the inverted spacebird def the highlight also the entire 3rd set amazing.
Reviewer: bklynheadies - - June 1, 2007
Subject: philly
This show was absolute filth!!!
Reviewer: americanhippos - - June 1, 2007
Subject: PUMPIN'
Any chance you got Grimace too?
Reviewer: bisco_fever - - May 31, 2007
Subject: Can You Say 'Thumpin'
Wow, I just signed up for my archive account soley for the sake of talking about this show. First off, Much>cyclone was sick! the pace, brownie's bass teases, and allen's kit.. all of them are straight nasty. my fav of the night has to be the inverted spacebird, of course.
But it just wouldn't be right not payin a large compliment to the cyclone>dribble jam, brownie knows how to orchestrate the rhythm so well, he'll pick it up on the high end then drop you into an abyss of heady maddness (especially the of the jam)
I was blown away by the Pygmy>HAB and how strong it came on from the jam. a nice little Efactory treat.
And I might as well not post unless I mention something about the Reactor>Pilin'It High>Reactor. Im not that big a fan of Reactor but this one made me believe. Just had a perfect 3rd set tempo I guess.(Thats right 3rd set not long encore!) The Pilin' it High was great, while at the show I was focused on barber playin that Shevghali tease, then just sat back while I watched the band push out every ounce of energy they had for the jam, and dropped it right back into the end of the Pilin' it High.
SIDE NOTE: The look on the band's faces afterwards put it all into perspective. They were pleased and exhausted. haha MAN that was a whole lotta fun, I can't stress how important it is for you to download this show! do it!
Reviewer: DJ Touch - - May 31, 2007
Subject: pure ragin
this show has really taken me back to the old style of playing. that munchkin was just superb. the segue to cyclone was perfect and barber was on fire leading into both. second set was so ridiculous. the ladies was just nasty. the flipped bird was the highlight for me. they really jammed hard out of that. encore was sick as the last couple shows have been. sick sick sick bisco. this show is so ragin. see ya'll at camp
on 5/31/2007
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